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There’s nothing better than the wind to your back, the sun in front of you, and your friends beside you.

Aaron Douglas Trimble


Saint-Saens Fifth

Started reviving this tonight…I forgot how out of practice I am. Here’s the entire work, in several pieces of youtube videos:

My favorite part of the first movement starts at 3:35 on the second video.

Second movement gives this piece the name of “The Egyptian Concerto.” There’s also some Japanese style bits somewhere in there…

The third movement’s a lot of fun, though kind of random at times.

Pixar’s Up

Took an impromptu trip to the movie theater with Anna to watch Up today – you all should go see this movie.

This post is kind of spoilery, so beware…

UPUp3I enjoyed this one even more than Ratatouille, which I was pretty excited to see. Read a really good review here though it’s also kind of spoiler-y.

Here’s the gist: elderly man Carl goes on a trip through the sky with the help of helium balloons, in search of “Paradise Island.” It was the one place he and his wife/companion of his entire life, Ellie, dreamed of adventuring to in the future. Now she’s passed away, leaving him living alone in a small house on a square of land in surroundings that are moving much faster than he wants to keep up. The majority of the movie accounts the journey of his search for paradise, and his unexpected encounters with many other people, creatures, and realizations.

What the review (link above) says about the movie’s first 10 minutes is entirely accurate. It’s a beautiful story – not one bit overdone or cheesy. There are some great moments between Carl and Russell, the young boy who accompanies him on his balloon ride; the little boy, who is on a quest to obtain his “Helping the Elderly” badge as a Wilderness Explorer, manages to be naive, adorable, and oftentimes right in his simplification of sticky situations. Of course, there are the “awwww” and teary moments in the film, most of them without dialogue. I really like the first movie still posted above, from somewhere in the first 10 minutes of the movie.

I asked my sister at the end of the movie what she thought the story was about (all she was pretty much excited about were the dogs haha), and she gave me a really thoughtful answer that I hadn’t actually thought about: keeping your promises. If you want to know what she’s talking about….GO SEE THIS MOVIE!!!

Everyone should follow this…

Every Now and ThenUnbelievably cute and sweet. Everyone should follow this blog. The website also has an adorable loading interface:  check it out.

Toy Story 3 Teaser

I LOVE Toy Story. Aside from Anastasia, it’s my favorite animated piece of entertainment, haha. Can’t wait.

Fun at Starbucks

I went a little crazy, but it was fun.

“Ideals are like stars; you will not succeed in touching them with your hands. But like the seafaring man on the desert of waters, you choose them as your guides, and following them you will reach your destiny. ”

Carl Shurz

Slumdog Deleted Scene

If you’re as obsessed about this movie as I am, you can watch a three minute deleted clip here. The host of India’s Who Wants to be  a Millionaire, Prem, pays the police commissioner a visit while Jamal is still being interrogated.

Doesn’t add much to the storyline, obviously, but it’s funny to watch his million-dollar ego, decked out in flashy shades and a leather jacket, prance through the police station.

Moo Cards

Courtesy of Bugsimus Flikr blog

Courtesy of Bugsimus Flikr blog

A photo of what are called “Moo Cards.” They’re almost like oversized business cards, and you can get them custom printed here. Just further feeding my paper fetish.

Blog Makeover

I managed to import all my Tumblr posts to WordPress – it’s not normally supported by WordPress, but a nifty trick popped up when I googled it. There was a tool that basically converts all Tumblr posts into one file that’s importable. Thank God. But that still means that some of posts, especially of video and music links, got formatted funny. But as long as everything I posted is in some way or form up, I’m happy.

I had 336 posts to my Tumblr between January and now – it’s longer than I’ve ever been able to keep up any sort of journal. Tumblr is a lot of fun – a good way to just post random things at random times. But I think I want to keep better track of my posts from now on. Tumblr doesn’t really let you tag or organize anything, so it just becomes this long scroll of links and text…there’s also no way to jump pages, so I would literally have to click “Previous Page” until I found what I was looking for. WordPress at least can give me a sense of progression, and it pretty much has all the same features, minus being able to tweet my posts to Twitter. I think I may hang on to Tumblr for a while though, because I like it too much, haha…

The one bad thing about creating a new online journal is that I spend about 45 minutes just picking out the theme….so time consuming! This one’s too boring, that one’s too colorful, and this other one has ugly font…I’m so indecisive, and the decision is not even that important, haha. I’ll probably end up changing these pretty frequently too, but I think I like this theme.

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