43 Things

My own version of this social networking tool. As a way to keep track of progress and keep things in writing. Two different categories: one for concrete things to accomplish, another for less defined goals.


1. Run a marathon.

2. Make a photo portfolio – a book, not just jpg files.

3. Become completely fluent in Mandarin (and be able to read and write).

4. Go to Australia.

5. Go ice skating at Rockefeller Center during Christmastime.

6. Become a doctor.

7. Live in Chicago.


1. Keep a journal of any sort, one post a day.

2. Use more to-do lists, for short term and long term.

3. Take (at least) one photo per day.

4. Be more proactive.

5. Travel, any chance I get.

6. Be more mindful.

7. Stop wasting time.

8. Carry a notebook and pen with me everywhere I go (reasonably speaking).

9. Go to bed earlier, wake up earlier.

10. Get rid of the unncessary.

11. Go back to China regularly (ie once a year, if I can reach a point in my life where that’s possible).



  1. the kshen Said:

    List 1
    #3 – oh boy.
    #5 – lets go to NY!!
    #7 – hehe.

    List 2
    #4 – be forward!
    #7 – haha. gluck.
    #10 – oh noes!

  2. […] along with a few of the things on list two of my 43 Things that I’d like to be mindful of. Making the most of every moment is hard and tiring – […]

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