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Happy Mother’s Day!

What I made my mommy ❤

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Big Bear Hug

E-card from my sister 🙂 Thanks, Anna! ❤ ❤ ❤


I am lucky that my life has not been touched by tragedy or hardship. I am lucky that I have loving parents who would do anything in the world for me. I am lucky to have people, so full of life and so giving of their time and attention, as my friends and family.

Even if I may not have exactly what I want, and things may not be perfect, I have many reasons to be happy.

For my mom and my dad, the two people who have sacrificed so much for me every step of their lives, how did I deserve such goodness? My only hope is to show you that it was worth it, and that all those hopes you had for me are not for nothing.

Quality Time

Enjoying some quality time with Anna. Aka watching Disney Channel and Taylor Swift music videos. One of our favs:

This one ranks pretty high too. We both cracked up really hard starting at 2:23.

And this one. Anna: “See, I told you, he’s dating another girl. Oh look, her mascara’s running on her face.”