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Good Grief

A recent read from The New Yorker on issues related to grief: how it can be considered clinically, it’s forms in private life and public ritual, why we experience it, and what we hope to get from it as human beings.  Article here.

In “Mourning and Melancholia” (1917), Freud suggested that mourners had to reclaim energy that they had invested in the deceased loved one. Relationships take up energy; letting go of them, psychiatrists theorize, entails mental work. When you lose someone you were close to, you have to reassess your picture of the world and your place in it. The more your identity was wrapped up with the deceased, the more difficult the loss.


Care for the Caregiver

An article in the NYTimes blog, “The New Old Age,” about doctors providing support for family caregivers who take full-time care of fragile and elderly loved ones. Features Harvard’s Arthur Kleinman:

Later outside the exam room, the son pulled me aside. I noticed the dark circles around his eyes. “You’re tired, aren’t you?” I asked him.

The man’s dark eyes began to fill with tears. I immediately, reflexively almost, started apologizing for not being able to do more for his father. But he stopped me.

“No, no,” he said, wiping the tears away with the back of his hand. “It’s not that. It’s not that at all.” He paused and looked toward his father, still lying on the table in the room and smiling at the lights. “It’s just that no doctor has ever asked me if I was tired.”

Who is the Cutest?

Find out here.

Courtesy of the OAASIS list :).

This is for all you Retail-Therapists Out There

From Seth Godin. It’s sort of  a more marketing focused post, but it’s a funny read, about how justify our actions and purchases.

I love Michelle Obama

I love Michelle Obama
She’s on the cover of this week’s Time Magazine, and there’s a great article with lots of pictures. The entire interview transcript can be found here:,8599,1899741,00.html

Free Sailing on Boston Harbor

How distracted are we?

How distracted are we?
I am so guilty.

10 Online Photo Magazines

MFA Open House

MFA Open House
For those of you still around on Monday with some time to kill…

The Story of Stuff

The Story of Stuff
A little bit dumbed down, but it gets the message across.

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