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Black and White in Photoshop


Been playing around with Photoshop features – listened through most of this tutorial on how to make dynamic B&W images from more drab color ones.

This is just a picture of some fake flowers we have in our dining room (notice the glitter on the edge of the petal on the bottom flower haha). I’ll need tons more practice in terms of adjusting contrast and saturation and things like that. Should have started in Photoshop long ago – never realized how versatile and dynamic it is.

This was taken using the lens I bought just after getting my Nikon D60. It’s a 50 mm f/1.8 AF lens – I love it. I’ve never had a lens with quite as dynamic an aperture setting, so getting this kind of depth of field is a first for me right now, and it’s great.

My cousin – the one who recently got married – wants to re-do some pictures of our family from the wedding, since we don’t have any full family photos from the day of. So we’ll be getting all dressed up again in the morning and they’ve asked that I take a few casual photos. An excuse to go picture-crazy for a day.


New Camera

Spent most of the day playing around with my new Nikon D60 (my mom is now going to use the Canon camera). I like the feel a lot better – it functions a little smoother, and has a larger screen, and it’s very easy to use/intuitive. I’m still making my way through learning Photoshop.

Enjoy the first batch of photos: